About Thomas Koenig Photography


I am a freelance photographer based in the south of Taiwan, an island off the coast of China which early Portuguese explorers dubbed Ihla Formosa, the 'beautiful island'!

After having traveled in many South-East Asian countries, as well as China and the Indian Sub-Continent from the late eighties to the mid-nineties, I have finally settled down in Taiwan where I pursue studies of the Chinese language and culture.

I like to explore the many facets of the local Taiwanese life style and culture with my camera. The fact that I speak, read and write the local language (Mandarin Chinese) almost fluently is an invaluable asset when trying to understand the creeds, customs and mentality of the local people. This helps my photography enormously as it breaks the ice with the people here and often presents me with glimpses into the local life and photographic opportunities that the casual traveler does not have.

As a SCUBA diving enthusiast, I especially enjoy taking my camera into the deep blue waters surrounding Taiwan to document the natural beauty of its underwater world. The Pacific Ocean around Taiwan boasts incredibly versatile marine life, a treasure largely undiscovered and seemingly off the beaten track for many divers who favor different locations in and around South-East Asia.

I use this web site as a vessel to showcase the many images I have taken in Taiwan - in and out of the ocean. As time allows I intend to add photographs of other travel destinations in Asia and beyond.

I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I did taking them!


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