Kenting Marine Park (Jul 2013) | Hungry Lizardfish, Spanish Dancer & Beautiful Sea Fan

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Diving in Kenting (06Jul13) 048.JPG
Kenting, Taiwan -- Common lionfish, Pterois volitans, hunting under a rock ledge.<br />
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Lionfishes, members of the Scorpaenidae family, are ferocious hunters. They use their poisonous spike-like fins to corner prey, which is then sucked in whole.<br />
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During day time lionfishes often just hover above a sandy bottom. This peaceful movement can be misleading as they are quite capable to pounce on unsuspecting prey with lightning speed over a short distance.<br />
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The poisonous spikes are used only defensively or to corner prey. When the lionfish is left with a way to retreat, divers have nothing to fear.