Marine Life in Kenting National Park

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Banded Sea Krait (Sea Snake) - Kenting (22-23May10) C 232.jpg
Kenting, Taiwan -- Banded sea krait vanishing into the depth.<br />
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Sea snakes have a very potent venom that is more deadly than that of any land snake. The average-sized sea snake produces 10-15 mg of this venom, enough to kill 7-10 adult human beings!<br />
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However, they are not aggressive towards divers and often even follow them around. A few fatalities are recorded every year, with the victims usually being fishermen who are careless when removing sea snakes entangled in their nets.<br />
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Like their land-based brethren, sea snakes are air breathers, and as such have to periodically return to the surface. Little accurate data is available regarding how long they can stay submerged, but some experts believe they can stay under water for several hours at a time.