Taiwan | Diving at 'Seven Star Rock'

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Nudibranch Egg Ribbon - Kenting (08-09May10) C 290.jpg
Qixingyan ('Seven Star Rock'), Taiwan -- Nudibranch egg ribbon.<br />
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Nudibranchs lay their eggs in every size, color and shape imaginable from an oviduct located on the right side of their body. In some instances a  single ribbon can contain up to 25 million eggs!<br />
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Most often the egg ribbon takes the shape of coils or spirals, but sometimes they appear as tangled masses of strings, chains of beads, or cylinders.<br />
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The egg ribbon is usually laid counterclockwise, which allows the nudibranch to achieve a better spiral shape and also to anchor the egg mass with its foot.<br />
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Some species produce eggs that are caustic or even toxic. These egg masses are usually brightly colored as a warning to potential predators.