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Bao-jhong Yi-min Temple (23Jan11) 171-2.jpg
Bao-jhong Yi-min Temple, Kaohsiung -- Two half-moon shaped, wooden oracle chips called 'zhi jiao'.<br />
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The 'zhi jiao' are used to communicate with a god. The worshiper asks the god a simple yes/no questions, and then throws the two pieces own the floor in front of him. There are three possibilities how the pieces end up: both are facing down, both are facing up, or one each faces up and down.<br />
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If one piece lands face up and the other one face down, the god's answer to the question posed is affirmative. If both pieces come to lie face down the answer is 'no'.<br />
Should both pieces lie face up the god simply gives a smile. This means that he refuses to answer the question, in which case the Taoist believer proceeds to ask a similar, but slightly question until he gets an answer from the god.