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Blackspotted Moray Eel - Seven Star Rock (08-09May10) C 312_2.JPG
Seven-Star Rock, south of Kenting, Taiwan -- A huge blackspotted moray, peeking out of its hiding hole on a sea mount.<br />
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The photo only hints at the sheer size of this moray. In spite of its size, it retreated further into its hole when our group of divers approached.<br />
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Seven Star Rock is a dive site in the Bashi Channel, about 12 nautical miles south of Taiwan proper. Currents here can be unpredictable and dangerous, and divers should exert extreme caution when diving here. Over the last couple of years some divers got caught in the currents heading north to Japan. Some were saved more than 100 km north of the their entry point into the water, after 3 days adrift at sea! On other occasions, the divers were not so lucky... .