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Green Island Hammerhead Trip (Feb11) N 339-2.jpg
Gun Shui Bi, Green Island -- The entry point  at the hammerhead dive site. This image clearly shows why this site is aptly named the 'boiling water point' in Chinese.<br />
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It lies off the south-eastern tip of Green Island. The local name is 'Gun Shui Bi'.<br />
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The 'boiling water part hits it dead on. Currents here are very strong and the swells can be huge, too! Not for the faint-of-heart!<br />
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The Kuroshio ('Black Tide') Current begins off the east coast of Taiwan and flows northeastward past Japan, where it merges with the easterly drift of the North Pacific Current. It is analogous to the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean, transporting warm, tropical water northward towards the polar region.