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Chandelier Cave, Palau -- Diver inside an air-filled cavern of the cave.<br />
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The CHANDELIER CAVE is an underwater cave system made up of 5 separate chambers. Each chamber is connected to the other. Over millenniums, rainwater percolating down through the limestone eroded the interior of some Palauan islands forming vast cave systems. Long ago, Chandelier Cave was an open-air cave, not water-filled as it is today. Over time, the stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave slowly grew into magnificent formations resembling glittering chandeliers. Four of the five chambers are water-filled, whereas the 5th is completely above water. The air in the air pockets is breathable. The cave entrance is a 3m-opening in the rock island roughly 4m from the surface. Underwater lights are a must to see all the wonderful colors inside this eerie place!